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How to Organically Get Rid of Thyroid Problems?

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Our thyroid gland controls all the cells in our body and is called the metabolic master as it regulates our metabolism. If there is more or less of the thyroid hormone secretion, our body goes through several changes that are not healthy. Some of these can be extreme weight gain or weight loss, hair loss, skin drying, and more. Thyroid problems can be genetic so if you are prone to the disease, you should take some preventive measures. Check out some tips that can help you not have thyroid problems at all.

1. Have your weekly cheat meals

Many times we opt to starve because we want to lose weight quickly. However, most of us don’t know that fasting reduces 53% of serum T3 levels of the active thyroid hormone and increases metabolism. There is a 58% of increase of reverse T3 or RT3 levels that block the hormone. Our liver transforms T4 (a less active thyroid known as a storage hormone) into RT3. Thus, you have a low-calorie condition and your body needs to maintain energy levels. Your body will convert 50% of essential thyroid hormone and turn it into metabolic waste.

Starvation diet can make you feel an increase in Cortisol. People who are on a regular diet or extreme diets must opt for cheat meals every week to balance their metabolism level.

2. Go slow on endurance exercises

Running for a long time or too much of spinning classes can harm your thyroid. Excessive exercise put the Cortisol level on the roof and inhibits the conversion of T4 to T3. It also raises RT3 that defends team blocking of the thyroid hormone from going into the cells. This boosts belly fat and decreases the level of metabolism. Short and high-intensity circuit training exercises are good along with a little cardio.

3 Don’t smoke

We all know that smoking is injurious to health but people who have chances of facing thyroid should not smoke all the more. Many smoking components like thiocyanate and nicotine lead to iodine excretion and affect thyroid performance. Smoking is known to affect the enzyme that converts an active thyroid to inactive. Studies have shown a high risk of hypothyroidism in people who have the autoimmune disease of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

4. Go organic and eat healthily

There are many reasons to have thyroid disorders. It can come for plastic water bottles, shampoo bottles, pop cans, and more. A common connection between chemicals called phthalates and thyroid hormone levels were studied and confirmed at the University of Michigan. Studies at the University of California mentioned that canned soups can change levels of thyroid hormone. With higher BPA level, people have experienced a reduction in T4 levels and that led to hypothyroidism in many. Finally, people who are prone to thyroidal issues must have a regular checkup done. If you have thyroidal issues in your gene history, you need to take these preventive measures to avoid having a problem. You should remove food that gives you allergy, supplement with selenium, and have healthy and organic products.


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