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What are Thyroid Nodules and How Do These Work?

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Having thyroid nodules is one of the common examples of thyroid symptoms. It is a lump that builds up in the front of your neck. Our thyroid gland controls the energy our body and nodules are a common indication that there is an imbalance. These are not cancerous but do give you trouble. Some people don’t need treatment, but we definitely recommend you to attend to it. Thyroid nodules often cause problems by making too much of the thyroid hormone. If nodules are proved cancerous, you have to go through surgery and get the nodule removed.

What are the causes of thyroid nodules?

Experts haven’t yet discovered the exact reason for having thyroid nodules. However, people who have been exposed to radiation have a great chance to develop thyroid nodules. When you are exposed to an environmental radiation or you have gone through radiation treatments in the past, you are likely to have risks of developing the nodules. It is common with people who are aging.

Thyroid nodules run in the families and that means you are likely to have the condition if one of your parents ever had a thyroid nodule. You can also have a goiter and that can develop the thyroid nodules. Most of these nodules don’t lead to a symptom as they are really small and you can’t feel them. These have to be detected through ultrasound and CT scan.

What are the symptoms to diagnose thyroid nodules?

If you have big nodules, you might start feeling a swollen neck. Apart from this, there are more symptoms to consider:

  • fullness in throat
  • tough time to swallow
  • difficulty to breathe
  • nervousness
  • quicker heartbeat
  • excess sweat
  • weight loss
  • depression
  • constipation
  • drying skin

The common symptoms of thyroid issues are related to the condition and you need to check if you face more than one symptom or not.

How to diagnose the thyroid nodules?

It is tough to detect thyroid nodules by yourself and that is why you need to keep a check on the symptoms. To detect the condition, you need to go through:

  • A blood test for checking level of the hormone
  • Thyroid scan that takes radioactive equipment and camera to get details about the condition of your gland
  • Thyroid ultrasound for checking the size and number of nodules to help fine-needle aspiration. The fine-needle aspiration helps remove small amounts of the nodules and check if they are cancer cells.

The most important part of a condition is to get it diagnosed at the earliest. Keeping a check on symptoms will help you get yourself checked and treated before it’s too late.


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